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Historical Town

Excursion To Gede Ruins

The ruins of Gedi are a historical and archaeological site near the Indian Ocean coast of eastern Kenya. The site is adjacent to the town of Gedi (also known as Gede) in the Kilifi District and within the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest. Gedi is one of many medieval Swahili-Arab coastal settlements that stretch from Mogadishu, Somalia to the Zambezi River in Mozambique

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Contact with nature

Kuruwitu Conservancy

Go snorkelling in Kuruwitu marine sanctuary to see over 200 fish species and other amazing creatures of the ocean. The marine protected area has now been closed for 11 years and the biodiversity is incredible. Even normally pelagic fish have been seen in the area like baracuda, an spotted eagle ray and even turtles that come to graze on the sea grass…..

About Park


Visit the Malindi Marine National Park

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Club & Bars

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